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Barbie-Birthday-GirlMy sweet Madeline turned 5 on April 4th and she is into everything Barbie.  So, you know what that means – I got to plan a Barbie Birthday Party!  It’s no secret that I enjoy planning her parties as much, if not more, than she enjoys attending them!  My dad built this fun Barbie box for the party!  The kids had a blast posing for pictures during the party and even after we got home.


Madeline requested “Fashion Barbie” so I wanted the party to have an elegant and stylish vibe.  With my husband’s meticulous taping skills, I painted the gold glitter chevron canvas for the background.  I made the tissue tassle garlands using this tutorial. We kept the food simple and kid friendly: pizza, pink chocolate popcorn, pink cotton candy, gold glitter marshmallows with pink striped straws, pink pretzels, cupcakes, and of course – a beautiful Barbie cake.

I am lucky enough to call Tammy at Meridienne Dessert Salonmy friend and she made this exquisite Barbie cake to match Madeline’s dress.  Flawless perfection does not even begin to describe it’s beauty.  She also made the chocolate raspberry cupcakes that people were still talking about the next day.  I heard the words wonderful, moist, and delicious on several occasions.

The dress was a custom design by Fairytale Jubilee.  Her work is another one of my obsessions.   The details were truly amazing.  I wish that she could make one in my size and I lived in a world where I could wear it everyday!


Barbie-Kids-TableI love the kids table.  It was perfect for a fashionista birthday Barbie princess!  I made placemats out of scrapbooking and crepe paper, jazzed up juice bottles with ribbon and glitter paper, and used favors and photo props to add interest to the table.  I put princess dresses on the back of each girls chair.  In my opinion, you can never have enough ruffles, tulle, or glitter!  It’s a good thing I have girls!


Barbie-SweetsOne of my favorite details of the party was the vintage Barbie cupcake toppers.  The crazy cute fashion cookies from With Sugar On Top were almost too pretty to eat!


Barbie-Party-GoodiesI purchased a paper doll graphic online and made custom paper doll magnets for the kids to take home.  They also received their choice of a fashion party hat or a princess dress.  We had dress favor boxes for the girls and prince suit favor boxes for the boys.  The girls also got their choice of make-up from Barbie’s swag bag.


Baribe-Little-GigglesWe had the party at Little Giggles and that is exactly what they did…giggled, smiled, and laughed!  It was hit.  They had a blast on the indoor playground and bounce house.  They also got to use their imagination in the play market and little house filled with creative toys.  They also have toy cars, train tables, and huge stuffed animals for kids to play with as well.  It’s very exciting to have this business model in NWA!  Sophisticated for the adults and fun for the kids!  Check it out.

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