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EPL-Cravings-BarI was so honored when the ladies from Peekaboo Media Group asked me to style their, “Moms Night Out” event to launch Evenflo’s new product line.  The entire room was inspired by Evenflo’s new Polka Dottie and Galaxy Collections that just hit the shelves at Wal-Mart.  We used their actual fabric to make drapery panels, table runners, and tablecloths.  It’s gorgeous.  Their product designers made my job incredibly easy.

Since the crowd mainly consisted of new and expectant mothers, I designed a “Cravings Bar” to satisfy their sweet or salty pregnancy cravings.  My friend Katie from Wall Junque made a BEAUTIFUL silver glittery frame for the artwork.  We served cupcakes and Evenflo branded cookies from Rick’s Bakery, cheesecake bites, cinnamon knots, popcorn from Dale & Thomas, and cocoa roast almonds from Diamond Foods.


EPL-Mocktail-BarA moms mocktail party wouldn’t be complete without a bar.  Moms had their choice of 3 sweet and swanky drink options: Raspberry Fizzler, Mock Champagne, or Tom Collins.


EPL-DecorThe event was all about showcasing the product so we kept the same sleek and modern vibe with the decor.  Purple, white, and silver were the primary colors of the evening.  We had beaded candelabras, modern furniture, textured pillows, and giant 3′ balloons.  I wish I could have taken the chair pictured home with me because I loved it.


Red-CarpetWhen guests arrived, Sweet Portrayal, was their to take their picture on the red carpet.  Later in the evening, they had a fashion show to showcase their new products and highlight the functionality.


EPL-CrowdWellQuest had physicians at the event to answer health questions as well as hosting a raffle for a $250 spa gift certificate.

Evenflo had a lactation consultant and product experts on hand to answer questions.

While the guests were doing their research and completing their wish lists, servers passed pizzettes from Pizza Rustica along with some other passed hors’ doeuvres.


EPL-ProductThe product was the star of the show.   I wish I would have captured more pictures of it because they truly have great style, design, color options, and functionality.  It ALMOST made me wish I was pregnant again so I could partake.  Although, they do have colorful booster seats that should be able to satisfy my need to shop.   (Disclaimer:  I am in no way paid or required to promote their products.  My role was strictly to style and plan the event.)  Just like everything else posted on PPNWA, my comments are my genuine opinion.  They have amazing products and even more amazing people.   I spent a lot of time in their office and they were extremely warm, welcoming, and helpful.


EPL-SponsorsA HUGE thank you to Peekaboo Media Group, Peekaboo Magazine, and Evenflo for allowing me to be a part of such a fun and unique event in NWA. Also, thank you to my friends at the following companies who made this vision a reality.  They are great people.  Show them your love and support by purchasing their products.

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