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Mazie's-WorldIf there is anything my daughter loves, it’s Elmo!  Despite many attempts to convince her to have any other type of party, she simply would not budge.  She wanted an “Elmo’s World” party so that’s what she got.

My favorite detail of the party was the custom pinata of Mazie wearing her birthday outfit.  They nailed every detail – adorable!


Mazie's-World-#2We often sing our “Mazie’s World” version of the Elmo’s World song, so when I found this old TV box at Retro in Rogers, I knew I had to have it for the custom pinata.  She was the star of the show (which is really appropriate because she is known for stealing the show).  2Katie designs made this awesome giant #2 and I hand painted the Elmo.


Mazie's-World-CakeI had the cake stands custom made.  My favorite is the pink and orange striped one that was meant to resemble Big Birds Leg.  Meridienne Dessert Salon did an amazing job with the feather and fur inspired cakes.


Mazie's-World-OscarI wanted to offer our guests something different and fun so I created Oscar’s Trash Can Apples, a caramel apple bar.  We had toppings like Trash Candy, Horrendous Heath, Mud Chips, Grouchy Grams, Mushy Marshmallows, and Wormie’s Worms.

Oscar was not happy because Mary Mary Quite Contrary had her flower garden right outside of his trash can again.  His sign said SCRAM, but she must not have cared because she left her flowers there anyway.


Mazies-World-HoopersHooper’s Store must have just received a shipment because they were stocked full with new merchandise.  They had Abby Cadaby’s colorful candies, Big Bird’s long neck lollies, diamond necklaces, Crazy Mazie’s bubbles, and gumball tubes.


Mazies-World-Chicago-DogThe line for the Chicago Dog cart was lined up all the way down Sesame Street.  They had so many delicious options: Chicago Dogs, New York Dogs, Slaw Dogs, and Coney Dogs.  As you can tell, the birthday girl really enjoyed hers!


Mazies-World-FriendsFriends and family  are what really made the day special.

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