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Hello-DivaMy friend Cheryl threw the most AMAZING birthday party for her sweet daughter, Payton.  She set the theme before guests even walked through the door with this beautiful wreath and flower balls.


Hello-Kitty-DessertShe left no detail untouched.  This beautiful dessert feature table just blows me away.  She use plastic tablecloths to create a beautiful backdrop for the dessert table and for photo ops. 


Hello-Kitty-Food-TableEven the food was pretty!


Hello-Kitty-ArtOne of my favorite details is the birthday girl’s framed art that she painted herself for her party.


Hello-SweetsHave I mentioned the details were amazing…down to the cups!  I am OBSESSED with the candelabras that she used for cupcakes.  Genius and gorgeous.  Love, love, love!


Hello-GorgeousThe entire family dressed the party.  It’s pretty safe to say that Payton had an amazing 6th birthday that she will remember for years.  Awesome job, Cheryl!  Thank you so much for sharing with us!  We are in awe of your talent!

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26 March 2019

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