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I had some fun photo props laying around the house so we turned up the “Shake It Up” soundtrack, got a little silly, and took some really fun pictures!  I knew when I got out the camera that I wanted to make Valentine’s Day cards… because everything is more fun when it’s personalized!

You can do this at home easily.  You just need a camera and a computer.  I used to edit the photos and then I used Illustrator to apply text, although you can keep it really simple and do that in Pic Monkey as well.  Email the file to a local printer (I always use Office Depot) and ask them to print on sticker paper or cardstock.  If you print on sticker paper, it would be cute to apply the sticker to a box of chocolates for their friends, teachers, or grandparents.

Here is a little more inspiration:

Madeline-V-Day-2 Mazie-VDay-Card

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